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history. "You are talking about hundreds of trillions of dollars of transactions that were affected by this bid rigging cartel," he said. Here is how the fines add up to $5.6 billion: The banks will pay $2.5 billion in criminal penalties for manipulating currency rates, plus another $1.6 billion in fines payable to the Federal Reserve. and British regulators and
Wholesale NFL jerseys $203 million that UBS will pay for manipulating interest rates. The whiff of big money is a factor to think about for regulators, said Nichols. in one year. "The temptation to dip into that money must be extraordinary," he said. "We should not regulate banks in the same way that we regulate manufacturing; the extraordinary temptations for misconduct must be recognized. "What the law does in this case is strongly signal that this behavior is not at all acceptable," Nichols added. regulators protecting bankers from winding up in jail. Errant banks facing imminent action "negotiate in advance

. "I was working with the DOT on a job. I was in Bridgeport, directing traffic in the middle of February (2014) when I got an email from them saying they’d like to talk," Myerson said. "I put down some cones to take my place in the street and I immediately jumped in the truck and called them." Myerson received an email later that night and was asked to submit a video to the show’s associate producer. He and a business partner recorded the video in the company’s Westbrook location. "We didn’t hear anything for three months," he said. While Myerson was communicating with the show’s staff, a film crew wanted to feature him in an eight episode reality TV show for another cable network. If he signed a contract with one cable network, however, the other would walk away. Because he didn’t hear from ABC after sending in his video, Myerson said, he was prepared to sign the contract for the TV show in June 2014. "I heard I got an email on my phone and it was from

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