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Serviceman Admits Murdering Wife Lipscomb, 34, confessed that he raped Kathleen Lipscomb and strangled her with an electrical cord on the afternoon of June 8, 1986, because he was angry that she was having an affair and that after eight years of marriage, his one time high school sweetheart was seeking custody of their two children in a divorce suit. He also signed a paper that was entered into the court martial records that says the murder occurred after his wife threatened to blow the whistle on the sergeant’s scheme to help candidates for promotion cheat on Air Force tests. According to court papers, Lipscomb compiled a "study book" by collecting actual test questions from Air Force sergeants who had taken the tests. Regulations dictate that the test questions are not to be
Wholesale jerseys discussed. By admitting guilt Monday, Lipscomb escapes the death penalty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the armed forces’ legal guide. But because the murder was premeditated, he faces a minimum penalty of life in

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